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Ammonium nitrate will decompose explosively at high temperatures to form nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor.

2NH4NO3(s) → 2N2(g) + 4H2O(g) + O2(g)

What is the total number of liters of gas formed when 228g NH4NO3 is decomposed? (Assumed STP)

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    Convert 228 g NH4NO3 to moles. Moles equal grams divided by molar mass.
    Using the coefficients in the balanced chemical equation convert moles ammonium nitrate to moles nitrogen, moles water, and moles oxygen.
    Add moles of each to obtain total moles.
    Remembering that one mole of any gas occupies 22.4 L at STP, convert total moles to liters. Show your work if you get stuck.

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