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Nitric acid and zinc react to form zinc nitrate, ammonium nitrate, and water.

4Zn(s) + 10HNO3(aq) → 4Zn(NO3)2(aq) + NH4NO3(aq) + 3H2O(l)

A. How many atoms of zinc react with 1.49g HNO3?
B. Calculate the number of grams of zinc that must react with an excess of HNO3 to form 29.1g NH4NO3

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    Convert 1.49 g HNO3 to moles. That Is Grams divided by molar mass.
    Using the coefficients in the balance chemical equation convert moles nitric acid to moles of zinc.
    To calculate atoms of zinc remember that one mole of zinc contains 6.02E23 atoms.

    B is done the same way as A. Remember that after finding moles you convert to grams by grams = moles times molar mass

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