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Use the words to fill in the blanks of the paragraphs.

1.plants 2.pieces 3.moisture wedging 5.acids 6.carbon acid 7.freezing 8.chemical 9.oxidation 10.temperatures 11.minerals 12.climate 13.desert 14. mechanical 15.cracks 16 reacting

Weathering is the breaking of rocks into______________. There are two types of weathering. ________________ weathering involves breaking rocks without changing their chemical composition.In______________, water trapped in rocks freezes and expands, forcing the rocks apart. _______________ can also cause mechanical weathering. As their roots grow and put pressure on rocks,_____________ widen and rock fragments may fall off. ____________ weathering involves water, air, and other substances'_______________ with the minerals in the rocks. When metal is exposed to water and oxygen, ___________ occurs and rust forms.____________in plant rots and mosses can also react with the___________ in rocks.Water and carbon dioxide combine to form____________, which reacts to minerals such as calcite in limestone. How rapidly weathering occurs in the area depends on the __________. Chemical weathering happens more often in ___________ areas due to lack of ____________. Low _____________ in polar regions keep chemical weathering to a minimum there. Whenever ____________ and thawing alternate, mechanical weathering becomes an important form of weathering.

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