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math i don't get it

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1. In the storeroom, folders are stored in
packages of 8. What is the least number of
packages needed for a class of 35 students?

2. The cafeteria workers store small milk cartons
in the refrigerator in stacks of 6. If each worker
carries no more than one stack, what is the least
number of cafeteria workers needed to carry
small milk cartons for a class of 32?

3. In the teachers’ lunchroom, teachers sit at tables
for 6. There are 22 teachers eating lunch. How
many tables must be set up?

1. 5?

2. 4?

3. 4?

Please tell me if the answers are right or wrong and explain.

  • math i don't get it -

    1 and 3 are right. 2 is wrong.

  • math i don't get it -

    is the answer 2?

  • math i don't get it -


    32/6 = 5 2/6 = 5 1/3

    Since we can't have 1/3 of a worker, it will take six workers to carry 32 cartons of milk.

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