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What is the Final Temperature?

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Four ice cubes at exactly 0 degrees C having a total mass of 53.0 g are combined with 120 g of water at 77 degrees C in an insulated container.

If no heat is lost to the surroundings, what will be the final temperature of the mixture?

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    To melt all of the ice, 53*80= 4250 calories must be added. Cooling 120 g of water from 77 to 0 C would release 77*120 = 9240 calories. So all of the ice will melt. For the final temperature, set the heat lost by water equal to the heat gained by ice, including melted ice, and solve for T.
    120*(77 - T) = 53* (80 + T)

    Solve for T.

  • What is the Final Temperature? -

    I tried solving for T. I got 28.90 as my answer. It was still incorrect.

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