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chemistry help plz

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Le chatelier's principle?
co(g)+cl2(g)=cocl2(g)is reversible and ,after a certain amount of time ,will reach equilibrium.Explain,using Le chatelier's principle,what effect:
1)increasing the pressure (at constant temperature)

2)increasing the temperature (at constant pressure)
will have on the equilibrium yield of cocl2.

  • chemistry help plz -

    Chem principle #1.
    DON'T try to get by without using the caps key. CO, Co, and co are different. Remember that.

    Le Chatelier's Principle, in very basic English, tells us that a system in equilibrium will try to UNDO what we do to it.

    Increasing P will make the reaction shift to the side with the fewer mols of gas molecules.

    To answer #2 we need to know if the reaction is endothermic or exothermic (you should have a heat sign OR a delta H value in the problem.)

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