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math trigonometry

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1. Two straight roads intersect to form an angle of 75". Find the shortest distance from one road to a gas station
on the other road 10o0 m from the junction.

2. Two buildings with flat roofs are 60 m apart. From the roof of the shorter building, 40 m in height, the angle of
elevation to the edge of the roof of the taller building is 40". How high is the taller building?

3.A ladder, with its foot in the street, makes an angle of 30" with the street when its top rests on a building on
one side of the street and makes an angle of 40" with the street when its top rests on a building on the other side
of the street. I f the ladder is 50 ft long, how wide is the street'?

thanks for the will help a lot!!!!!!

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    How about trying these yourself, I gave you a previous solution.
    They look like straight-forward right-angled triangle trig problems.

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    Draw a diagram. The shortest distance is the perpendicular from the road to the gas station

    d = 100 sin75° = 96.59 m

    The height of the taller building above the shorter is

    h = 60 tan40° = 50.34 m

    The distance to the shorter building is
    50 cos30° = 43.3 m
    The distance to the taller building is 50 cos40° = 38.3 m

    Note that there is still osme figuring to do on #2 and #3.

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