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Science 8R - HELP!

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Problem - What's the difference between reflection and refraction?

hypothesis - !?!?!?!?

please helP!!!

  • Science 8R - HELP! -

    i understand that you don't get this question but let me explain it to you

    do today my science teacher was showing us some experiments about reflections and refractions and we were suppose to take notes (which i did)

    so here's an example

    we roll a paper, look inside the paper through the hole and then we bring our hand on the side

    can you see a hole in your hand?

    another one is when she put a pencil in a beaker

    inside the beaker we see the pencil bigger but looks broken so it's refraction

    i to create a lab base on what we saw today

    the thing is that i have NO IDEA to write for my hypothesis

    the problem is what's the difference between reflection and refraction?

  • Science 8R - PLEASE HELP! -

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppppp

  • Science 8R - HELP! -

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