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Discuss the responsibilities a parent has to volunteer parents when these parents are invited to participate in learning activities. Include five responsibilities in your discussion and give an example of each.

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    "Discuss the responsibilities a parent has to . . ."

    Do you mean the responsibilities a TEACHER has?

    What do you think these responsibilities are?

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    Yes i meant teacher

    dont interupt while the parent and child is interacting

    greet the parent appropriately

    explain what you want the parent to do

    cleary explain the leasson

    dats all i no

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    "plzzzzz" and "dats all i no"

    Oh, my goodness. I hope you're not studying to become a teacher. Students and parents need the best role models possible, and that includes spelling!!

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    I know how to spell I am jus rushing

  • help plzzzzz -

    Please and that's all I know

    I know how to spell I am just rushing

    Leasson- lesson

    Is that better for you

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    Does that mean that you can make spelling and punctuation errors if you're in a hurry when you're communicating with other professionals, parents, and students?

    I haven't read your text, but common sense says to thank the parent warmly when they're finished with their volunteer duties.

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    Are y'all trying to bring me down

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    No, we're trying to tell you that teachers need to use as-close-to-perfect English as possible ... all the time. Your English (grammar, spelling, etc.) needs to be excellent so that your students learn what is right, not just what the current fad is.

    If you allow yourself to use those nearly unreadable abbreviations when you're "just rushing," then it'll be more difficult for you to shift into more formal English when you need to. It's just easier and better to use excellent English all the time.

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