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Posted by Kristy on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 12:32pm.

Hamlet Take Home Test - Response Essay
Answer ONE of the following questions in 750-850 word response:

1) The hero in a Shakespearean play always contributes in some way to the disaster in which he perishes. How true is this in Hamlet?

2) Discuss the use of imagery in Hamlet and show how it reinforces one central theme in the play.

3)A FOIL is a character that contrasts with the protagonist, thus highlighting various qualities of the main chracter's personality. Choose two of the following characters and descibe how they are foils in Hamlet: a)Horatio, b)Laertes, c) Fortinbras

essay must be typed and double spaced, and you must use Times New Roman, size 12 font. Also give your essay a creative title.

You should include atleast 3 references to support your argument. You can use direct quotes or paraphase. Be sure to reference your source, using MLA referencing style. Do not include a bibliography.

OK! so this is my assignment, and I don't quite know what topic I should use. What should I use?
If I use what you say, what arguments should I do and their reference to support. What direct quotes or paraphase should I use to support what srgument.

And how do I reference my source, where on the sheet? so confused and most importantly what creative title should I use??? PLEASE HELP!!!
I really need this mark
I appreciate your time!Thankyou!!

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