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The diatomic molecule OH exists in the gas phase. The bond lengthand bond energy have been measured to be 97.06 pm and 424.7 kJ/mol.Knowing that only the 2p orbitals of will interact significantlywith mol, respectively. Assume that the OH molecule is analogous tothe HF molecule discussed in the chapter and that molecular orbitalresult from the overlap of a lower-energy pz orbital from oxygenwith the higher energy 1s orbital of hydrogen(the O-H bond liesalong the z axis).
a.Which of the 2 molecular orbitals will have the greater hydrogen1s character?
b. Can the 2px orbital of oxygen from molecular orbital with the 1sorbital of hydrogen? Explain.
c. Knowing that only the 2p orbital of oxygen will interact significantly with 1s orbital of hydrogen, complete the molecularorbital energy-level diagram for OH. Place the correct number ofelectrons in the energy levels.
d.Estimate the bond order for OH.
e. Predict whether the bond order of OH+ will be greaterthan, less than or the same as that of OH.Explain

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