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a solid sphere of radius r is melted and cast into the shape of a solid cone of height r, then the radius of the base of cone is

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    volume of sphere = (4/3)πr^3

    let the radius of the cone be x
    volume of cone
    = (1/3)πx^2 r

    (1/3)π x^2 r = (4/3)π r^3
    x^2 r = 4 r^3
    x^2 = 4r^2

    x = 2r

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    pass a plane through a cube of edge 8 inches so that the section formed will be a regular hexagon. through each side of the hexagon pass two planes , one plane containing one of the two vertices of the cube which are farthest away from the plane of the hexagon, the other plane containing the diagonally opposite vertex of the cube. find the volume of the solid bounded by these planes.

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    pls help me to solve the problem.the answer is 384 cubic come?

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    pls answer my problem..the answer is 384 inches cubic.what will be the process?

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