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the inside perimeter of a running track shown in figure is 400m the lenghth of each of the straight portion is 90, and the ends are semicircles, if the track is 14 m wide everywherwe,find the area of the track. also find the length of thee outerboundary of the track

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    inside length:

    400 = 90*2 + 2*pi*r
    r = 110/pi

    outside length: 90*2 + 2*pi*(r+14) = 400+28pi = 487.96

    area of track is 2*90*14 + pi(R^2-r^2)
    = 2520 + pi((110/pi+14)^2 - (110/pi)^2)
    = 5600+196pi
    = 6215.75 m^2

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    First area ofrunning small rectangle =l×b secon step area oftwo small semi-circle =one complete circle-area of two small circle . Then large circle-area of small circle. Thenarea of large circle+rectangle

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