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a store owner wishes to hang a sign weighinh 750N so that cable A attached to the store makes a 30 degree angle from the vertical wall. cable B is attached horizontally to an ajoining building. calculate the necessary tension on cable B
|...\ A

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    so theres a triangle now with an inside angle of 120

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    saaw somewhere the answer is 433 but that's not what im getting

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    Physics - Damon, Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 8:28pm
    T sin 30 = force up = 730
    T = 1460 N in cable A
    T cos 30 = horizontal component = 1460 cos 30 = 1264 N

    I did not post this...Damon did

    This problem
    is the same thing but with a sign weighing 730 N

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