March 29, 2017

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2. manielle and ross were playing in the dirt and each found a caterpillar. they decided to race them, giving minelle's caterpillar a 2.5 foot head start from the starting line while ross' caterpillar began at the starting line. minelle's caterpillar travels 6 in. per minute and ross' travels 8 in. per minute. how far from the starting line were minelle's and ross' caterpillars, in that specific order, after 6 minutes of racing?
a. 36 in, and 48 in.
b. 36 in. and 78 in.
c. 38.5 in. and 48 in.
d. 66 in. and 48 in.

  • math - ,

    m's position is 2.5*12+6t
    r's position is 8t
    when t=6,

    extra credit: when does ross's creeper overtake minelle's?

  • math - ,

    where did you get 12 from when you multiplied 2.5*12? and what does t stand for?

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