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A volume of 10cm^3 of 2M H2SO4 is placed in a volumetric flas of 250cm^3 and filled to the mark with distilled water. What is the molar conc. of the H2So4 in the flask?

After I found how many moles there are in 10cm^3, which is 0.02 mol, what is my next step, as because the substance is diluted to the mark, I'm not sure whether the number of moles stays the same or changes ... :(

Thanks in advance! Any help is greatly appreciated :D

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    You have not changed the number of moles in the solution; however, you have changed the volume. Therefore the new concentration is simply the number of moles divided by the new volume in liters.

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    You mean 0.02 mol/250cm³?


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    Woops I was mistaken!

    0.02/0.25L ... the answer comes 0.08moldm^-3!

    thanks a million

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    That't right.

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