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maths --plse help me..

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how to find the cartesian eqn of plane passing through A(0,0,0) and B(3,-1,2) and parellel to line (x-4)/1 = (y+3)/-4 = (z+1)/7
basically how to find a plane parallel to a given line??

  • maths --plse help me.. - ,

    We need two direction vectors in the plane, one is vector AB or (3, -1, 2)
    the other is the direction of the line parallel to the plane which is ((1, -4, 7)

    a normal to the plane would be the cross - product of the two vectors above

    Assuming you know how to find that normal, I got
    (1 , -19, -11)

    So the plane has equation,
    x - 19y - 11z = c
    but (0,0,0) lies on it,


    x - 19y -11z = 0

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