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10. A company involved in the assembly and distribution of printers in concerned with two types – laser and inkjet. Assembly of each laser printer takes 2 hours, while each inkjet printer takes 1 hour to assemble, and the staff can provide a total of 40 person-hours of assembly time per day. In addition, warehouse space must be available for the assembly and distribution of the printers, for each laser printer and for each inkjet printer; the company has a total of of storage space available for assembled printers each day. Laser printers can be sold for a profit of Rs.30 per unit and inkjet printers earn a profit of Rs.25 each, but the market in which the company is operating can absorb a maximum of 12 laser printers per day. (There is no such limitation on the market for inkjet printers). Find the number of each type of printer the company should assemble and distribute in order to maximize daily profit.

  • maths - incomplete -


    maximize p=30x+25y subject to
    2x+y <= 40
    ??? for storage
    x <= 12

    can't proceed until we know about storage space limitations

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