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A mixture containing 0.5 mol of H2 (g) and 0.5 mol of I2 (g) was introduced into a 10L container at a temperature of 448 C. At this temperature the equilibrium constant Kp is 50.

i. What is the total pressure in the container before the reaction starts and at equilibrium.

ii. How many moles of hydrogen remain at equilibrium

iii. What is the partial pressure of each component in the equilibrium mixture


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    I. Use PV = nRT for total P. I think that is about 5.9 atm but you need to do it more carefully than that.

    ........H2 + I2 ==> 2HI

    Substitute the equil line into Kp and solve for p, then 2p, then 2.95-p.

    II. Use PV = nRT; substitute p for H2 and solve for n for mols H2.

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