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Algebra Grade 7

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Mr and Mrs Chen have three children. suppose the chance of having wither a boy or girl is 50%. what is the probability of having two boys and one girl? 2/9?

a survey with 104 responses asked what is your favorite winter activity the results are listed in tabel
if 500 ppl had responded, how many would have been expected tp list sledding as their favorite winter activity round answer to nearest whole number? 156?

a number cube is tossed 20 times and lands on 1 two times and 5 four times
what is the theoretical probability of landing on 1? 1/6?

a bag contains 4 green tokens, 2 red tokens, and 4 purple tokens. lisa drew a token out of the bag, recorded the result and then put the token back into the bga. she did thid 30 times and recorded the results in a bar graph. use this informtaion to answer following question suppose lisa repeates the experiment an additional 250 times and records the result. about how many time would you expect her to draaw a green token? 100?

Right or wrong??? Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    The chance of having a boy or girl each time is 1/2 so wouldn't you just say
    1/2 * 1/2 *1/2 * 1/2 = 1/16 chances of having 2 boys and 2 girls because each of the 4 times it would be 1/2 to have one or the other so it doesn't change just because of what you had previous so you multiply your chances each time

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    the number cube question
    Assuming the die (number cube) is fair, any side is equally probable. Therefore the probability of landing on "1" is 1/6. The key here is that the tosses are independent: The previous tosses have no impact on the result of the next toss.
    So yes you are correct 1/6

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    so its 1/16?

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    oh thanks

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