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Solutions of sodium carbonate and silver nitrate react to form solid silver carbonate and a solution of sodium nitrate. A solution containing 0.55 mole of sodium carbonate is mixed with one containing 0.55 mole of silver nitrate. After the reaction is complete, the solutions are evaporated to dryness, leaving a mixture of salts. How many grams of silver carbonate are present after the reaction is complete?

  • Stoichometry -

    Na2CO3 + 2AgNO3 = 2NaNO3 + Ag2CO3

    each mole of Na2CO3 requires 2 moles of AgNO3, so only half the Na2CO3 is used up.

    So, only 0.275 moles of Ag2CO3 are produced, or .275*275.7453 = 75.8g

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