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1) The formation of water is represented by the following equation :
2H2(g) + O2(g) -> 2H2O(g)
a.What is the limiting reactant if 4 mol of oxygen reacts with 16 mol of hydrogen?
b.What amount (in moles) of water is produced in this reaction?
2) . Sliver nitrate, AgNO3(aq),reacts with iron (III) chloride,FeCl3(aq),to producer silver chloride, AgCl(s), and iron(III) nitrate, Fe(NO3)3(aq).
3AgNO3(aq) + FeCl3(aq) -> 3AgCl(s) + Fe (NO3)3(aq)

a.If solution containing 18.00 g of silver nitrate is mixed with a solution containing 32.4 g of iron(III) chloride, which is the limiting reactant?
b.What amount in moles of iron (III) nitrate is produced in this reaction?

Show all your steps!!!!Plzz...

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    I answered this type question for your post under Nikki. We prefer you to use the same screen name. It helps us answer your question faster.

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    well im not nikki lol...we justhappen to ...

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    Whatever. Just look at the way I solved that type problem for Nikki.

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