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Science* Please Help Me !

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How would cell division help heal a broken bone?

Why do cuts and disappear when in the process of cell division?

What is the main purpose for cell division?

  • Science* Please Help Me ! -

    1. When tissue is damaged the surrounding cells begin going through mitosis to replace the damaged cells. This is why brain, spinal, and nerve damage is permanent because these cells don’t go through mitosis to replace damaged cells. This is why a broken bone will heal, but a severed spinal cord won’t.
    2. you cut your finger. After the scab forms, it will eventually disappear and new skin cells will grow to repair the wound.
    3.In single-cell organisms it is reproduction by the means of binary fission,where one cell becomes two separate cells.
    In multicellular organisms ( fungi,plants,animals ),it is all about growing.
    Basically its all about growing.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Science* Please Help Me ! -

    Thank You Very Much !!!! Rylee your the best

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