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2. Methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and oxygen (O2) can react to form hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and water according to this equation:
CH4 + NH3 + O2  HCN + H2O
You have 8 g of methane and 10 g of ammonia in excess oxygen. Answer the following questions:
• What is the balanced equation for this reaction?
• Which reagent is limiting? Explain why.
• How many grams of hydrogen cyanide will be formed?

  • Please help me!!!! -

    2CH4 + 2NH3 +3O2 Arrow 2HCN + 6H2O
    CH4 is going to be used up making it the limited reagent
    13.5 g CH4
    10gNH3(1 mole NH3)(2 mole HCN)
    (14.01g NH3)(2 mole NH3)
    =.714 mole HCN
    Do the same for Ammonia and you get .499 mole HCN or .50

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