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Eye color is determined by genetic combination. Let R represent the gene for brown eyes and l represent the gene for blue eyes. Any gene combination including R results in brown eyes. Consider the offspring of a parent with a homozygous brown-eyed, RR, and a parent with a heterozygous brown-eyed, Rl, gene combination.

Show how you could use a polynomial to model the possible genetic combinations of the offspring.

What percent of the possible genetic combinations result in brown eyed offspring?******Based on a Punnett square, I think this is 75%, but not sure

What percent of the possible genetic combinations are carriers for the blue eyed gene?****** Also based on the square i think this is 50%, but still not sure

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    All offspring will have the dominant R gene and brown phenotype, since that is all the RR parent can give. Did you actually use a Punnett square?

    But you are right with half as carriers.

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    She needs the polynomial... it isn't hard to figure out the 50%

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