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ap calculus

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Which of the following definite integrals gives the length of y = e^(e^x) between x=0 and x=1?

All the answers are preceded by the integral sign from 0 to 1.

(a) sqrt[1 + e^(2*(x+e^x))] dx
(b) sqrt[1 + e^(4x)] dx
(c) sqrt[1 + e^(x+e^x)] dx
(d) sqrt[1 + e^(2e^x)] dx
(e) sqrt[e^(e^x) + e^(x+e^x)] dx

  • ap calculus -

    You must be suffering an identity crisis. You've posted seven calculus problems under six different names.

    Please use the same name for all of your posts.

  • ap calculus -

    I'm sorry... I'm just not super comfortable posting my name on the web... Can you still please help me??

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