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When a 51.7 gram tennis ball is served, it accelerates from rest to a speed of 41.2 m/s. The impact with the racket gives the ball a constant acceleration over a distance of 49.5 cm. What is the magnitude of the net force acting on the ball in newtons?

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    F = m*a

    We first need to compute the acceleration, a.

    V = sqrt(2aX)
    41.2 = sqrt(2*a*0.495)
    1697 = 2*a*0.495
    a = 1714 m/s^2

    F = m*a
    = 0.0157 kg*1714 m/s^2
    = 88.6 N

    Another way to solve this is to equate the final kinetic energy to F*X (work done)

    F = (1/2)MV^2/X
    = (0.5)(0.0517)*41.2^2/(0.495)
    = 88.6 N

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    thank you so much

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