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I was wondering if someone could double check my work on a test I'm self correcting. Here's the problem, it has to do with Cramer's Rule.

24x + 6y = 11
24x + 60y = -25

I ended up finding the base determinant (D), and then dividing Dx and Dy by D. My answers for Dx and Dy checked out correctly. Here's what I got ultimately.

(.625, -.666)

as in, x = .625, y = -.666

I think that's correct, but the decimals are throwing me off and I'm not %100 percent sure.

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    that's what I get.

    What's wrong with 5/8 and -2/3 ?

    It's not always necessary to reduce to decimal values. √2 is exact; 1.414 is not.

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