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Posted by antboy on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 9:00am.

help I don't understand.

1. When you are “egging someone on,” you are (1 point)
offering that person a snack.
urging that person to take action.
embarrassing that person.
2. One good reading technique is to make up questions for yourself to answer about the selection. Which of the following would help a reader understand the ending of “One Throw”? (1 point)
Why doesn’t the manager promote Maneri?
Has the manager ever played for a major league team?
How does Eddie Brown test Maneri’s honesty and integrity?
What major league team would Maneri like to play for?
Read the passage below from the short story “One Throw.” Then answer the question that follows.

I checked into a hotel called the Olympia, which is right on the main street and the only hotel in the town. After lunch I was hanging around the lobby, and I got to talking to the guy at the desk. I asked him if this wasn’t the town where that kid named Maneri played ball.

3. Which element of plot is demonstrated in the passage? (1 point)
falling action
rising action
4. Which sentence is the gerund used as an appositive? (1 point)
Catering is a great way to show off your talent as a cook.
The best part of catering is making a special occasion a tasty event.
The girl has a new job, catering.
Mr. Lane gives all of his time and energy to catering.

Answer for 3 and 4 is d and c is that right?

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