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College Algebra

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Given the following rational functions,find:a.)the horizontal asymptote(s), b.)the vertical asymptote(s), if any,and c.) the oblique asymptote(),if any. f(x)=x(x-17)^2/(x+12)^3

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    f(x) = x(x-17)^2 / (x+12)^3

    Horizontal as:
    consider what happens when x becomes large
    When expanded both numerators and denominators lead with +x^3
    so as x ---> ∞ f(x) = x^3 .../x^3 ... = 1

    let x = 100,000 , f(100,000) = .9993..
    let x = -100,000 , f(-100,000) = 1.0007...

    so the H.A. is y = 1

    vertical asymptotes are caused by the denominator becoming zero
    x = -12 is your V.A.

    c) no oblique

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    Want to let you know that the H.A. is WRONG by the way

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