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Will, Micah and Sue went to dinner. Will paid 1/3 of the dinner bill. Micah and Sue paid in the ratio 2:5. If sue paid $6 more than Will, how much did the dinner cost?

Go step by step how to do this problem

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    m/2=s/5 or m=2s/5

    dc/3 +2s/5+s=dc
    but s=dc/3 +6
    dc/3+2/5 (dc/3 +6)+dc/3 +6=dc
    check all that, and solve for dc

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    Thank you so much!

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    Will micah and sue went to dinner.will paid 1 / 3 of the dinner bill.micah and sue paid in the ratio of 2 : 5.if sue paid 6 $ more than will how much did the dinner cost.

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