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Homework Help: Language Arts Need Help!!

Posted by Gabby on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 1:30pm.

Ok these are questions from my language arts book that I was assigned can you please check them i want to make sure they are correct so I now I'm making progress or not thx :-)

Read the passage below, and answer the questions that follow.

Let's Play!

"How many of them do you see?" Darius asked hopefully.
"Five," replied Hunter. "If they don't get somebody else soon, they'll have to forfeit."
"And it's such a good day to play, too. That would be a shame," Darius said.
There was usually a lot of rain in the springtime, so canceling a soccer game for the weather was not unusual. But a forfeit was another story altogether.
"Well, we have two choices," Coach said as his players gathered around him. "We can accept their forfeit and go home, or we can stick around and play against the players that did show up. What do you think?"
"I'm going home. I'll see everyone next week," said Willard.
"Wait! You realize the playoffs start next week, don't you?" said Hunter. He was not happy that Willard wanted to leave.
"So what?" Willard asked. "I have other things I'd rather do."
"Let's just play against the other team today," Hunter said, in a voice loud enough that everyone on the team could hear. "One loss in the playoffs and our season is over."
"Playing today won't help us win next week," Willard replied.
"He's not saying that, Willard." Almina quickly joined the conversation with her teammates. "He just wants to play a game today."
"We've played four games already this year, and there's another one next week. That's enough for me," Willard replied.
"So what about all those games that were rained out or snowed out?" asked Kyle. "None of those games will be made up, either."
Julia also decided to speak up. "If we don't play today, and we lose in the playoffs next week, we'll have played exactly half of a ten game schedule," she told Willard. "Didn't you want more games than that? I sure did."
"OK, so let's say that I stick around," Willard said, to the delight of his teammates. "The other team still needs a player."
"I'll play with them," offered Darius. "One of their players goes to my school. It'll be fun playing against you guys, anyway."
"Just because you're our teammate, that doesn't mean we're going to go easy on you!" said Willard. Now he was looking forward to playing the game.
"I'll go let them know that we're on," said Coach, as he and Darius began running over toward the other team's players and coach.
"Hey, thanks for staying," Hunter said to Willard, who had begun stretching out his legs.
"No problem," Willard responded. "We're teammates, right?"
Hunter smiled. "At least until the playoffs are over. Hey, watch how many times I can bounce this ball off my head!"
Which best describes the main idea of the passage? (1 point)

A sports team forfeits a game.
Five games have been canceled due to weather.
It is a good day for playing sports.
Willard's teammates persuade him to stay.

Which statement about Willard is most likely true? (1 point)

He liked playing football better than playing soccer.
He did not enjoy soccer as much as some of his teammates.
He was friends with some of the players from the other team.
He wanted to go to a movie instead of playing the game.

Which of the following is a part of the falling action of this story? (1 point)

Hunter counted the players from the other team.
Coach asked his players what they wanted to do.
Kyle pointed out how many games had been canceled.
Darius offered to play for the other team.

Why did Hunter speak loudly when he talked to Willard? (1 point)

He did not want to be Willard's teammate anymore.
He agreed that the weather was too nice for running around.
He wanted the others to help him convince Willard to stay.
He hoped that Coach wound make the decision for them.

Which best describes the conflict for Willard in the passage? (1 point)

His team did not play as often as he wanted to.
His teammates wanted to play more than he did
His opponents failed to show up for their game.
His coach put him at the position he did not want to play.

How is Julia's comment to Willard important to the passage? (1 point)

It suggests Hunter was not the only person who wanted to play.
It explains why the other team did not show up.
It tells how many games the team had scheduled.
It describes who was the best player on the team.

Willard changes his mind because (1 point)

he becomes tired of arguing about whether to play the game.
his teammates persuade him to share their point of view.
he wants to impress Coach with his commitment.
he does not want to anger his teammates by disagreeing with them.

Which of the following is an example of nonfiction? (1 point)

a movie about Willard's team and the soccer playoffs
a newspaper article about an actual student soccer team
a play about the disagreement between Willard and his teammates
a novel about the history of youth soccer in the United States

Italics are used in the third paragraph in order to (1 point)

define an unfamiliar word.
show emphasis in a character's speech.
separate two paragraphs.
draw the reader's eye to a subhead.

In this story, Willard faces (1 point)

an internal conflict about his own fear of failure.
an external conflict with his own teammates.
an internal conflict about his attitude towards his teammates.
an external conflict with players on the other team.

Which of the following is the best revision of this sentence from the passage? "He was not happy that Willard wanted to leave." (1 point)

He was sad that Willard wanted to leave.
He was disappointed that Willard wanted to leave.
He was not happy because Willard was leaving.
He was not happy about Willard's leaving.

My Answers:
Please check theses for me thx :)

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