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Each of the following objects has a radius of 0.180 m and a mass of 2.65 kg, and each rotates about an axis through its center (as in the table below) with an angular speed of 41.4 rad/s.

Find the magnitude of the angular momentum of each object.
a) a hoop ___ kg m/s
b) a solid cylinder ___ kg m/s
c) a a solid sphere ___ kg m/s
d) a hollow spherical shell ___ kg m/s

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    angular momentum of a hoop is m*r^2; the angular momentum of a solid cylinder is 1/2*m*r^2; the angular momentum of a solid sphere is 2/5*m*r^2; the Angular momentum of a hollow spherical shell is 2/3*m*r^2

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    Actually, angular momentum is L = Iw (w stands for omega and represents the angular speed). The answers listed previously are the moments of inertia (I). So, the angular momentum is equal to the moment of inertia (I) multiplied by the angular speed (w), which in this case is 41.4 rad/s. Remember that the moment of inertia (I) varies based on the shape given, meaning that there are different equations for each shape. The moment of inertia for a hoop is what the previous response says, and the same for the rest of the equations given by that person. The only thing is that those aren't equal to the angular momentum,but the moment of inertia.

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    Good luck

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