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calculus ..>steve

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Given a function

a) Find

i. The inflection point.
ii. The y-intercept and x-intercept.

b) Sketch the graph of f(x).

i have already try it..but i don't understand.. which graph that is true.. the first or second ? and how to calculate the x,y intercept,and inflection point? i hope you can help me to solve this ..

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    y = 2/3 x^3 + 5/2 x^2 - 3x
    y' = 2x^2 + 5x - 3
    y'' = 4x + 5

    inflection where y''=0 -- at x=-5/4
    intercepts at (0,0)
    and at x = 3/8 (-5±√57)

    Looks like you need to review the meanings of 1st and second derivatives.

  • calculus ..>steve - ,

    remember that the first derivative gives you the max's and min's and the second derivative tells you concavity and inflection points

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