March 25, 2017

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If a sulfuric acid plant is to produce 10 ton/day of 98% sulfuric acid, How much sulfur is needed, how much air is required and how much water is used?

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    why don't you at least provide the balanced equation used for industrial production of H2SO4?

    In doing so, you will have almost solved the problem.

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    They didn't give us an equation but I write this, I don't now if it's right or not.

    SO3 (g) +H2O (l) → H2SO4 (l)

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    so, now you know the relative amounts (in moles) of the various compounds.

    10 tons of 98% acid is 9.8 tons of H2SO4

    convert tons to moles (at 98g/mol)

    for each mole of S you need 1.5 moles of O2 and 1 mole of H2O.

    Now, if you have to account for the fact that air is not pure O2, then you eed to include that in your calculations.

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    OK what about if we have all this equations:
    H2SO4→ so3+H2O
    SO3→ SO2+1\2O2
    SO2→ S+O2

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