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an air craft of mass 5110 kg flying in level flight at speed of 398 knots air enters the engine is 65 kg/s and the jet speed relative to the air craft is 610 m/s if the lift drag ratio is 10 find accerlation and power and thrust
thanks if any one can help i done it but i get a very big numbers do not know where was my mistake

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    a jetplane discharges a jet at rate of 28kg/s with a velocity of 950 m/s relative to the plane if the forward speed of the plane is 875km/h what is the thrust developped on the plane and the power developed at the jet
    the plane witch has now a weight of 2 mn now makes a climb of 3degrees to the horizontal and accerlates 0.15ms square
    the thrust changes to 490 kn find the lift to drag ratio
    3- on completion of the climb the aircraft makes a level turn of radius 1.5km at a speed of 850 km/h find the correct angle of bank and the total lift when turning

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