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1. She often missed classes.
2. She often skipped classes.
(Are bothe the same? Do you use some other expressions instead of 'missed'?)

3. She wore the same old dress to school every day.

4. She wore the same old dress when she goes to school every day.

(Does #3 mean #4?)

5. Maddie didn't like teasing Wanda.
6. Maddie didn't like bothering Wanda.
7. Maddie didn't like laughing at Wanda.

(Do they have the same meaning? If not, what is the difference among them?)

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    1 and 2 mean the same thing, yes. Another verb to use here is "cut" -- she often cut classes.

    3 is fine, but 4 has a verb tense and wordiness problem. Change "goes" to "went" (to match the past tense of the main verb "wore") and then the two sentences will mean the same thing.

    5, 6, and 7 mean approximately the same thing, but are not identical. Close, but not the same!

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