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Posted by SPIKE on Friday, December 14, 2012 at 9:45pm.

this question has really stumped me but i have tried doing it and have came up with some possible answers:

the following letters list some characteristics OF SOLIDS ACCORDING TO THE KINECTIC MOLECULAR THEORY.

A.) the particles are very closely packed together
B.) The particles are tightly bound to neighbouring particles
C.) The particles are arranged in a regular pattern
D.) the particles can only vibrate in their positions
E.) heat causes the vibration of the particles to increase

write the letter(s) of the charcteristics that can explain the following observations
a) solids do not flow or pour
b) solids cannot easily be compressed
c) as the temperature is increased many solids melt and become liquids
d) some solids form crystals

I only got these answers.. I know there is more but i have no clue! :::::

a.) A
b.) ?
c.) E
d.) ?

pleeeeeeese help me :)

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