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Algebra 1- Math

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A software company started with 2 employees. In 6 months, the company had 14 employees. The number of employees increased at a steady rate.
a. create 2 ordered pairs.
b. find the slope.
c. Interpret the meaning of the slope.
d. Find the prediction equation.

  • Algebra 1- Math -

    a. At the start, months = 0; employees = 2. In 6 months, months = 6; employees =14


    b and c. 2 employees/month is the slope
    This is how many employees the company would have to add per month to get 14 employees at the end of 6 months

    E = 2 + r*m
    where E is the number of empoyees, r is the rate per month at which employees are added, and m is the number of months.

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