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You are conducting experiments with your x-ray diffractometer.
(a) A specimen of molybdenum is exposed to a beam of monochromatic x-rays of wavelength set by the Kα line of silver. Calculate the value of the smallest Bragg angle, θhkl, at which you can expect to observe reflections from the molybdenum specimen.
λKα of Mo = 0.721 Å
lattice constant of Mo, a = 3.15 Å
λKα of Ag = 0.561 Å
lattice constant of Ag, a = 4.09 Å
(b) If you wish to repeat the experiment described in part (a) but using an electron diffractometer, across what vale of potential difference must electrons be accelerated from rest in order to give the identical value for the smallest Bragg angle, θhkl?



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