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Please I'm begging someone help me with biology

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I need help with listing two ways that single - celled fungi are different from bac-terial cells??? I'm so clueless I'm begging anyone to help me thanks

  • Please I'm begging someone help me with biology -

    For starters, they are in completely different kingdoms (fungi are in the kingdom fungi and bacteria are kingdom Monera). Fungi are eukaryotes and bacteria are prokaryotes. Bacteria are single celled; whereas, most fungi are multicellular but some fungi are single celled (like yeast). Both possess cell walls but the components within the cell walls are different (fungi have chitin in their cell wall, the same component found in the exoskeleton of insects). Fungi are heterotrophs, meaning they have to get their food from an outside source. Bacteria can be autotrophs (make their own food) or heterotrophs, depending on the bacteria.

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