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Posted by Victoria on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6:40pm.

Can some one check these?

Sentence structures ;

1. In the bitter cold, (he, him) and Dad struggled to save the orange crop.
My answer: Him

2. (Her and me, She and I) have joined the Shutter and Lens.
My answer: she and I

3. Phil showed Danny and (I, me) his butterfly collection.
My answer: Me

4. Bert warned Hank and (I, me) about the strong undertow at Breezy Point.
My answer: Me

5. Jessie sent Gail and (he, him) postcards from Quebec.
My answer: Him

6. (He and I, Him and me) are building a rock garden for Aunt Lucy.
My answer: Him and me

7. Half an hour later Mother called Dad and (I, me) to lunch.
my answer: Me

8. Was that (her, she) on the palomino?
My answer: Her

9. Mr. Adams helped (he, him) and Ruby with their rocket.
My answer: Him

10. Lend Alf and (I, me) your book on dog training.
My answer: I

11. Aunt Martha gave the puppets to Holly and (I, me).
My answer: Me

12. Are Harry and (he, him) out in their boat in this storm?
My answer: Him

13. Everyone except (he, him) had given up the search for the runaway Irish Setter.
My answer: Him

14. Between you and (I, me), today's science quiz was easy.
My answer: I

15. Can't (us, we) boys rake the leaves tomorrow?
My answer: Us

16. (Her and me, She and I) are trying out for parts in Miss Cherry Blossom.
My answer: Her and me

17. Those green apples gave Bill and (I, me) stomach aches.
My answer: Me

18. The scoutmaster told Fred and (I, me) the troop's decision.
My answer: Me

19. Abby and (I, me) are members of the Volleyball Club.
My answer: I

20. A neighbor's television kept Betty and (I, me) awake.
My answer: Me

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