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Posted by Gavin on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6:28pm.

i posted this earlier, but no one answered. so i'll try again.

Can you check my work please?


1.) force is a scalar quantity: *FALSE

2.) the object on which a force acts is called the system: *TRUE

3.)The specific, indentifiable cause of a force is called the system: *FALSE

4.) A force can not exist without an agent and a system: *TRUE

5.) a free-body diagram represents forces acting on a system: *TRUE

6.) When a force is a push, the force arrows in a free body diagram point towards the particle: *TRUE

7.) Force and acceleration are related in a linear fashion: *TRUE

8.) A newton is the amount of force applied to a 1 g object that will cause it to have an acceleration of 1 km/s^2: *FALSE

9.) the net foce on an object is the resultant of the force vectors:*TRUE

10.) Inertia is a force: *FALSE

11.) As the speed of am object moving through a fluid increases, the magnitude of the drag force decreases.: *FALSE

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