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In the "Methode Champenoise," grape juice is fermented in a wine bottle to produce sparkling wine. The reaction is given below.
C6H12O6(aq)--> 2 C2H5OH(aq) + 2 CO2(g)
Fermentation of 746 mL grape juice (density = 1.0 g/cm3) is allowed to take place in a bottle with a total volume of 825 mL until 12% by volume is ethanol (C2H5OH). Assuming that CO2 obeys Henry's law. Calculate the partial pressure of CO2 in the gas phase and the solubility of CO2 in the wine at 25°C. The Henry's law constant for CO2 is 32 L·atm/mol at 25°C with Henry's law in the form P = kC, where C is the concentration of the gas in mol/L. The density of ethanol is 0.79 g/cm3.

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