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Posted by Odesa on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 3:30am.

Question One

Lead chloride dissolves in water according to

PbCl2(s)<-> Pb^2+ + 2Cl^- (aq)

The solubility in pure water has been measured to be 4.44g . L^-1 . Calculate the solubility product of lead chloride in pure water. Your answer should be in units of molarity raised to the appropriate exponent.

Question Two

Would you expect the solubility of PbCl2 in water to change dramatically if it were to be dissolved into a solution of 3.091x10^-4 M KCl?
i)Yes, the solubility of PbCl2 would decrease dramatically.
ii)Yes, the solubility of PbCl2 would increase dramatically.
iii)No, the solubility of PbCl2 would remain roughly unchanged.

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