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A ferris wheel is 30 meters in diameter and boarded in the six o'clock position from a platform that is 10 meters above the ground. The wheel completes one full revolution every 10 minutes. At the initial time t=0 you are in the twelve o'clock position.Find a formula, using the cosine function, for your height above ground after t minutes on the ferris wheel.

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    at the top when t=0, so no phase shift
    h = Acos(at)+k
    center of wheel is at 10+30/2 = 25, so
    h = Acos(at)+25
    wheel radius is 15, so
    h = 15cos(at)+25
    period = 10, so use 2π/10

    h = 15cos(πt/5)+25

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    Find two numbers the exact answer is between 6x7,381

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