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Posted by Amy on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 3:57pm.

1997, a survey of 940 house holds showed that 15 of them use e-mail. Use those sample results to test the claim that more than 15 % of households use email. use a 0.05 significance level.
which of the following is the hypothesis test to be conducted

a. h0 :p=0.15
h1:p> 0.15

b h0: p<0.15
h1; p=0.15

c. ho>0.15
h1 =0.15

d. h0: p/= 0.15
h1 p=0.15

e h0 p=0.15
h1 p<0.15

f. H0:p =0.15

what is the test statistic? z=
what is the p-value
d. what is the conclusion?
a. There is not sufficient evidence to support the claim that more than 15% of households use e-mail.
b there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that more than 15%of households use email

e. is the conclusion valid today? why or why not?
a. yes the conclusion is valid today because the requirements to perform the test are satisfied.
b. no the conclusion is not valid today because the population characteristics of the use of email are changing rapidly.
c. you can make no decisions about the validity of the conclusion today.

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