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Posted by Alex on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 11:36pm.

In the "Methode Champenoise," grape juice is fermented in a wine bottle to produce sparkling wine. The reaction is given below.
C6H12O6(aq)--> 2 C2H5OH(aq) + 2 CO2(g)
Fermentation of 746 mL grape juice (density = 1.0 g/cm3) is allowed to take place in a bottle with a total volume of 825 mL until 12% by volume is ethanol (C2H5OH). Assuming that CO2 obeys Henry's law. Calculate the partial pressure of CO2 in the gas phase and the solubility of CO2 in the wine at 25C. The Henry's law constant for CO2 is 32 Latm/mol at 25C with Henry's law in the form P = kC, where C is the concentration of the gas in mol/L. The density of ethanol is 0.79 g/cm3.

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