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PSYchology 220

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(1 pts.) Ralph has been sad and listless for 3 years. He can't sleep and has lost his appetite. Using a diagnostic system, one clinician arrives at a diagnosis of depression. Using the exact same diagnostic system, another clinician arrives at a diagnosis of schizophrenia. What is the problem with this system?

A) It lacks construct validity.
B) It lacks universality.
C) It lacks reliability.
D) It lacks criterion validity.

(MY answer IS C)

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    I agree.

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    I would agree with D.

    • Construct Validity - Words like assertiveness, giftedness, and hyperactivity refer to abstract ideas that humans construct in their minds to help them explain observed patterns or differences in the behavior of themselves or other people. Intelligence, self-esteem, aggressiveness, and achievement motivation, creativity, critical thinking ability, reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning ability, shyness, curiosity, hypocrisy, and procrastination are also examples of constructs. A construct is an unobservable, postulated attribute of individuals created in our minds to help explain or theorize about human behavior. Since constructs do not exist outside the human mind, they are not directly measurable. In other words, the degree to which one can infer certain constructs in a psychological theory from the test scores.

    In the future, you can find the information you desire more quickly, if you use appropriate key words (like the alternatives) to do your own search. Also see

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    a. it lacks construct validity

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