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5th grade math (dividing fractions)

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Hi.. I need help figuring out this problem, sovling for x: 3 divided by x/9 = 5 and 2/5

I was able to solve: x divided by 3/4 = 6 by multiplying 6 x 3/4 = 4 1/2. Just not sure how to solve the first problem. If I change 5 2/5 into mixed number,I still don't know what to do next.

3 divided by x/9 = 27/5 ?

  • 5th grade math (dividing fractions) - ,

    i am confuse
    Is this X=3, OR X/3
    : This symbol some thine call ratio or sometime use for division or some time for equal sign

  • 5th grade math (dividing fractions) - ,

    3/(x/9) = 3*(9/x) = 27/x
    so, now you have

    27/x = 27/5
    x = 5

  • 5th grade math (dividing fractions) - ,

    Sorry Khan, I was trying to say that I needed to solve for x in the problem: 3 divided by x over 9 = 5 and two fifths.

    Steve, thanks for the answer. But, I'm still not sure how you solved for x after getting 27/x= 27/5. Did you multiply both sides by 1/27 to get x by itself?

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